Nutrition Counseling Packages

What is the number one thing dietitians provide people to ensure success? Accountability! My nutrition packages are designed with you in mind, providing small, manageable changes and keeping you focused on your goals. Most insurance plans cover nutritional counseling but many limit the number of sessions you can receive per year. The following packages meet you where you are in your health journey, providing the education, support, and accountability you need and can save you money in the long run.


You may have noticed the first session is longer than the follow-up appointments. This extra time gives me the opportunity to provide you with a full health assessment and together, with your goals in mind, we will design a nutrition plan that works! The shorter, follow-up appointments will keep you accountable and focused while allowing you to refine goals as needed. Email support and review of food intake come standard with all packages. 


While it’s customary to provide nutrition counseling in-person to build a trusting relationship between provider and client, I know this isn’t always easy. Kids get sick, cars break down or sometimes you just don’t feel like leaving the house…believe me, I understand! So all my packages can be applied to in-person or online appointments. Want to be seen in-person for your initial appointment but online for follow-ups? No problem 


One Month Package $249


If you’re looking for jump-start your already healthy habits or are nervous about seeing a dietitian and don’t want to over commit? This package is for you.


Includes: One 1-hour assessment and goal setting session plus one 30-minute follow-up appointment, and two 15-minute weekly check-ins 


Three Month Package $479


Ready to see real changes and take the first steps to build lasting healthy habits? This package is for you.


Includes: One 1-hour assessment and goal setting session plus two 30-minute follow-up appointments and 15-minute bi-weekly check-ins 


Six Month Package $799


This 6-month program is perfect if you are looking to fully commit to a health and wellness road trip. And like any road trip, there will be normal and expected potholes, detours and pit stops. But don’t worry, over the course of your journey I’ll be there as your compass helping guide and support you at every mile. Micro actions can lead to macro changes. 


Includes: One 1-hour assessment and goal setting session plus four 30-minute follow-up appointments and 15-minute bi-weekly check-ins

5 PACK Follow-up Sessions: $325 (must be used within 6 months from date of the first visit)


10 PACK Follow-up sessions: $600 (must be used within 12 months from date of the first visit)


Most insurance companies will cover fewer than 4 nutrition counseling sessions per year. If you are committed to making changes and would like to add to your insurance benefits or to a purchased package, follow-up packs are a cost-effective way to stay on course.


Accepted Insurance (more to come):


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